Leadership Assessment

Insights into your  leadership & your life

A mirror that reflects your world

We’re human.


Part of the human condition is having blind spots. We view the world through our own perceptions and belief systems. This is normal. However, when it comes to seeing ourselves as we really are, we can end up a little short-sighted.

The executive leadership skills development training & assessment tools helps you see past all of that to get the full picture of how you show up in the world. It acts like a giant mirror that allows you to clearly see your perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities


Because, deep analysis is required for the creation of change. It is necessary to uncover the causes of our behaviors. We must be aware of our strengths and weaknesses and what drives them. This assessment does exactly that. 

The Leadership Assessment is an 84 question assessment that will take approximately 25-30 minutes to complete.


  • How you lead yourself and those around you

  • What situations create stress for you

  • Mental habits and assumptions that underlie and drive your thinking

  • Your potential for personal and professional growth to become a better leader

  • How engaged you are in life and relationships

All of this data will put you in the driver’s seat of your life. You will have a deeper understanding of how you show up as a leader, why your relationships play out the way they do, how to get past mental blocks, optimize your performance, and create a balanced inner and outer life.

Your assessment includes a 60-75 minute discovery 1-on-1 session to cover your results and discover the unique interplay between your leading ability, engagement, and stress … and what influences them.

I will explain your results to ensure you gain an understanding of where your feelings and thoughts intersect. We look at them from a different perspective so that you may form alternative thought processes which makes change easy and possible for you.


The more conscious and engaged you are, the more productive, successful and fulfilled you can be. As your leadership shifts, you can also increase the engagement of your team and have a positive impact on their personal & professional growth. You’ll also notice your own personal stress
levels will reduce. If you’re ready to stop reacting to life on autopilot, according to your lifelong behavior habits (which we all do), gift yourself
with the Leadership Assessment to gain the awareness and tools.


One day, or day one


If you’re ready to let step up your leadership, enjoy greater confidence, less overwhelm, and live a life of full fillment, now is the time to start.